Our programs are designed for the creative entrepreneurs of our future, for the jobs of the future, whether you are 5, 14 or 80 years old.

We bring together leading thinkers and practitioners in fields ranging from the newest techniques in robotics and coding on the blockchain, to the ancient ways of making bread, olive oil, or honey.  

All our programs are interactive, fun and practical experiences designed by our community and for our future. We provide an ecosystem for our community: connecting students with practitioners, internships and incubators.  

Get in touch with us if you would like to request or facilitate your own program.

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Pigments to Painting Workshop

Contemporary French artist Mathieu Chavaren leads us on a journey of oil painting through the exploration of nature. After foraging through the forests and gardens, participants create the pigments from selected vegetables, flowers and organic materials, and then create a piece of artwork on paper. Location: Bronte, Sydney

Duration: 2 hours

Ages 5 and up (children under 10 must be supervised by an adult



ORI “to fold” and KAMI “paper” and the art of folding paper was first brought to Japan in the 6th Century and has since been handed down from parent to child through many generations.

Join us in a workshop of exploration and fun. Besides enhancing fine motor skills and concentration, the use of our hands stimulates many areas of our brains: our imagination, spatial & non verbal thinking, attention, and 3D comprehension.

Location: Sydney

Duration: 4 hours

Ages 5 and up (children under 10 must be supervised by an adult)

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Music Maker

Who ever thought making a cello out an oil drum could sound so good? This program stretches our imagination across the acoustic and digital sounds and senses of music through the ages. Participants design and build an instrument utilizing both natural and modern materials and experiment with sound.

Location: Sydney

Duration: 1.5 hours weekly

Ages: 6 and up (children under 10 must be supervised by an adult)

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2046 Robotics: July Holiday Workshop

Inspired by a local 14yr old student’s passion for robotics, we have curated a 1 week school holiday program facilitated by leading practitioners and professors in the field of robotics. This hands-on, interactive workshop starts with Art, Design then leads to the Science and Engineering elements of robotics, with a little bit of coding.

We already have demand to keep this program as a year long “tinkering” project in our shed and will keep you updated with future developments.

Location: Sydney

Duration: 5 days: 10am-4pm

Ages: 12 and up

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Honey Bees

The simple art of making honey, like you’ve never experienced before. Our friends from Normandy, France show us the art of making Miel. The best part is you get to take some home and eat it too!

Location: Sydney

Duration: 4 hours

Ages 5 and up (children under 10 must be supervised by an adult)

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Blockchain coding: Solidity

The incredible space of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is moving so rapidly, learning to code in Solidity (Ethereum platform) is one way to get to develop and work on some truly exceptional projects. Led by leading practitioners in the blockchain space, this program provides an introductory overview of Solidity, the programming language for Ethereum, as well as share the practical use cases and ddapps set to release in 2018. (Weekly course, max 25 participants)

Location: Sydney

Duration: 1 day

Ages 12 and up

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Olive oil from the Gods

The island of Hvar was first colonized by Ionian Greeks in the 4th century BC and is preserved as UNESCO site. The ancient stone walls and trims bears testimony to the ancient geometrical system of land division used by the ancient Greeks, the chora which has remained virtually intact over 24 centuries. Our program designed for kids and adults takes us on a tour of the island and the ancient & modern techniques of olive oil making. Participants immerse themselves in an ancient preserved agricultural art, making their own olive oil, infused with the lavender from surrounding fields. (Program is in English and there are lots of things to do for kids and families along the pristine Dalmatian coast of thousands of mostly uninhabited islands).

Location: Hvar, Croatia

Date: July 2019

Duration: 5 days

Ages 7 and up (children under 18 must be supervised by an adult)

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