Co-learning spaces for adults and children designed for the creative entrepreneurs of our future.  

Creativity is inspired through collaboration.  Whether you are studying an online degree or tinkering with a  project, or practising an art, our spaces encourage cross disciplinary ideation while learning: from art to music to philosophy, science and technology.  

We seek to inspire creative tinkering and passions amongst all, regardless of age, gender, race, or level of formalized education, or any handicap, in order to inspire creative entrepreneurs of our future.

We provide an ecosystem for our community: connecting students with spaces, mentors, internships and incubators as well as places to share knowledge to expand their world.  We welcome you to love "learning to learn" new and old things and having fun along the way.

We are passionate believers of decentralised, self organised emergence. Our community and spaces will be owned by our users and creators (tokenized).  Important trends like AI, VR & AR, will revolutionise the way we learn and we are passionate about promoting cross-discipline arts and technology to support and encourage creative learning and the entreprenuers of our future.